“A raw and honest memoir, fearless in its expression. A rare thing.”

Kathleen McGowan, New York Times
Best-Selling Author of The Expected One

I owned and operated a successful business. I was already addicted to crystal meth and pornography. But my life skidded out of control when my wife was tragically killed in an auto accident. I was left to raise two young children alone. The pain and grief were so overwhelming that, months later, I overdosed on drugs, sleeping pills, and whiskey.

When I discovered the word “FANTASTIC!” my life and the lives of my children changed. I found faith and began to discover my authentic self. Six things helped to change my life, and can shape your destiny, too:

  1. The use of a empowering word(s) – find a word that alters your state of mind in a positive way
  2. Truth – opens the heart, soul and leads to freedom
  3. Your storytelling – the portal to healing and recovery, whether it’s from grief, drugs, abuse, alcohol, suicide thoughts, or other adversity
  4. Random acts of kindness – Practice reaching out by helping others
  5. Spiritual awareness – knowing there is a higher calling
  6. Being kind to yourself – loving who you are


Empowering words